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2015 Education Schedule

Residential Design:
The Making of A Good House
Thursday April 9, 2015
Have you ever wondered why some houses have more buyer appeal than others? Or why some architects get it right and others don’t? If so, this seminar will prove enlightening as it was developed to answer just those questions and more! In today’s residential real estate market of foreclosures and short sales, understanding the mindset of buyers and having the tools to appraise how design features impact a home's sale price increases the worth of your appraisal skills. The seminar discusses both the exterior appeal of an improvement and its balance with the site, as well as the floor plan, functionality, and aesthetics of interior design. You will learn how to assess residential design in terms of how it relates to different market segments and current market preferences. Because buyers are in the driver's seat today, you don't want to miss out on gaining the new skills this new seminar will provide!


• List the four major elements of good design.
• Classify major architectural styles and identify how they relate to current designs.
• Recognize how structural design and material changes in the building industry affected changes in architectural style over time.
• Appreciate the role of emotional appeal in residential design and appraising.
• Recognize how social and cultural issues influence design.
• Discover how activity relationships are reflected in good design.
• Identify the most common consumer trends in housing design.
• Contemplate what the home of the future may look like.

Effective Appraisal Writing
Wednesday September 23, 2015 
Learn to write reports that are reader friendly, concise and convincing. This seminar also stresses the importance of the final product and the numerous communication decisions required to make it an effective and persuasive document.

At this hands-on seminar you’ll gain proficiency at writing appraisal reports that demonstrate the utmost in professionalism. See how a few simple changes in prose style and layout can make vast changes in the client’s understanding and reaction to the report. At this seminar you get loads of tips for improving your appraisal writing style.


• Use effective page layout techniques to reveal logic and organization.

• Create tables and graphic presentations that work.
• Reconcile within ranges in a convincing and logical argument.
• Eliminate common writing and usage errors to make the reports more professional. 
• Use appraisal terminology and definitions effectively.
• Create energetic prose by the use of active voice and present tense.


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